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New version
GaleriaPhp Beta 1 is out
Download it by clicking the link below
Remember it's still an alpha version

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What is GaleriaPhp ?

Galeria is a PHP script, created to give webmasters an easy tool to generate complex and users-friendly pictures gallery. It has a lot of features, doesn't use any kind of database support and is very easy to use.

Webmaster features :
-autogenerate a new gallery by placing a directory containing pictures in the same folder of the main script
-support directories and a theorical infinity of sub-directories
-choose a generic background and/or a personnalised one for each gallery
-auto-generate a friendly homepage using pictures in the galleries
-customize your own parameters and save them in the URL of the page : create an infinity of layouts for your galleries without modifying the script
-automatic count of visited page

Users features :
-choice of colors
-number of pictures per page
-number of rows
-resizing whole gallery
-border style
-5 different ways to sort the pictures gallery
-customisable pagination system
-"harmonisation" of pictures : all pictures could be resized to fit in a cell of the same size, or not
-picture format filter inside a same gallery : Gif, Jpeg, Bmp, png or all
-images individual options
-hide/show the name of the pictures in the galleries
-support animated gif
-Ie6 users bonus : galery scrolling (4 directions)
-photos filters : apply up to four different effects at the same time on your images : blur, alpha, rounded alpha, invert colors, black and white, etc ...
-diaporama (experimental)

News in version Beta1 :
-restricted access to the galleries
-admin panel for the whole site and the galleries
-several authorizations levels (site admin, gallery admin, authorized user)
-each gallery is fully configurable in term of design and access restrictions
-upload images by web interface (Jpeg, Gif and Png or Zip file)
-dynamic thumbnail generation
-support web links to external images (beware of the copyrights !)
-galeries and images could be managed (deleted, copied, moved, merged, etc ...) directly via web interface
-correct several bugs of the previous alpha
-is still VERY experimental

This script doesn't use a database support like MySQL, and doesn't require much knowledge about webmastering (only how to upload files).
The script is still in developpement, but you can see an example of the Beta 1 by clicking the link below :

Beta 1
How does it works ?

1-First, you will need a webhost using a php server properly configured (php alone is enough, MySQL is not required by the script). You can place the main script in the root of your website, or a subdirectory, it doesn't matters.

2-By accessing the url http://your_web_site_URL/your_galeriaphp_directory/, you can browse your pictures, and start customize your own galleries, by using the very simple user interface.

Known bugs and limitations

-NEVER use spaces in the name of the directory and files. Use underscores instead. The script will automatically replace underscores by spaces while printing the name of the files or directories on the screen.

-NEVER use ' in the name of the directories and files. It will result in a javascript error and will block the pop-up system for the whole gallery and its sub-galleries (if ' is in the directory name).

-Put only pictures compliants with the galleries in your directories (no other files formats that standard images -i.e : Jpeg, Gif, Png and Bmp- are handled by the current releases). To be fully honnest, theorically, all files formats accepted by the standard IMG markup must works, but the filter system is not yet fully implemented.

-Do not put any other kind of files than pictures in the directories used by galeria. It will result in a 'No-image-found' error in the gallery where this kind of files are.

... that's almost all